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Cao Jianglin Meets with Mayor of Anqing City Chen Bingbing and His Company



On 1 June, general manager of China National Building Material Group Cao Jianglin met with vice secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor of Anqing City Chen Bingbing at the headquarters of the Group. Both parties discussed issues such as "three new" industrial development and project cooperation.

Cao Jianglin warmly welcomed the visit of Chen Bingbing, and expressed his gratitude for the long term care and support of Anqing municipal party committee and government. He said, Anqing City has achieved rapid development of economy and society in recent years, and its thought and practice in structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading have given the Group a lot of confidence. He wishes that both parties, based on the existing cooperation relationship, can put important on new fields such as new type building materials, new energy materials, glass fibre and composite materials, and strive to push the cooperation between both parties to a new phase. He said, the Group will further investigate relevant industries and resources of Anqing City, and seek common ground of both parties, expand cooperation scope, and intensify cooperation.

Chen Bingbing introduced economic and social development, regional advantages, leading industries and development plans of Anqing City. He said, China National Building Material Group's strategy of vigorously developing "three new" industries has common ground with the industrial cooperation new system being built by Anqing City. There is plenty room for cooperation between both parties. He wishes that China National Building Material Group can give full play to its advantages as a central enterprise, actively take part in the construction and development of Anqing City, increase investment and expand investment scope. The municipal Party committee and municipal government of Anqing City will provide good investment and development environment for enterprises.

People who attended the meeting also included secretary general of the municipal government of Anqing City Jiang Xingdai, secretary of the municipal Party committee of Tongcheng City Liu Zhonghan, county magistrate of Taihu County Zhu Xiaobing, vice director of the Management Committee of the Economic and Technical Development Zone Wu Sanjiu, director of China Merchants Shi Feng, vice general manager of China National Building Material Group Guo Chaomin, secretary to the board and general manager assistant Guang Zhaoyu, general manager of Triumph Science Peng Shou, executive vice general manager Mao Lingwen, office chief of the Group Zhang Jiwu, and vice general manager of the Investment Development Department Wei Rushan.

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