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Song Zhiping Attends GoldenBee CSR Leader forum and Makes a Keynote Speech



On 7 June, the third session of GoldenBee CSR Leader Forum was held by "China WTO Tribune" Magazine at Shangri-La Hotel Beijing. Chairman of China National Building Material Group Song Zhiping attended the forum at invitation, and made an excellent speech entitled "Running the Enterprise while Maintaining the Moral High Ground".

GoldenBee CSR Leader Forum is a feast of ideas about social responsibility and sustainable development of enterprises. At the forum, representative of central enterprises Song Zhiping, together with other three leaders including director general of CSR Europe Stefan Crets, and CEO of Lanxess Qian Mingcheng, and COO of HNA Group Zhang Weiliang, discussed the required option for sustainable development of enterprises: responsible competitiveness, which is important for the sustainable development model of enterprises.

Song Zhiping started his speech by quoting the sayings of Confucius: "Gentlemen love money in a proper way". He pointed out that the enterprise is not a pure economic organization. Only those enterprises that integrate social responsibility and altruism into the core value of enterprises and run businesses while maintaining the moral high ground can achieve brilliant development and longevity.

Song Zhiping explained four moral high ground of China National Building Material Group in the development of enterprises. First, the enterprise adheres to the principle of "people-oriented", and strives to improve the value and happiness of people. China National Building Material Group always adheres to the principle of "Enterprises are people; enterprises depend on people; enterprises should act like people; enterprises should love people". It considers realizing the happiness and value of people as the major target and pursuit in the development of enterprises. The second high ground is putting the interests of the whole industry above everything else. The enterprise wishes to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with competitors. China National Building Material Group advocates that "The interests of the industry are higher than the interests of enterprises, and the interests of enterprises come from the interests of the industry". Through a series of responsible actions, such as united reorganization, elimination of backward production capacity, and staggering production, the enterprise promoted supply-side structural reform of the building materials industry, and led the building materials industry enter into cooperation-competition from excessive competition. The third high ground, which is unignorable, is caring about climate problems, and actively fulfilling social responsibilities. CNBM responded proactively to climate change in three aspects. CNBM tries to use industrial and building waste as raw materials, reduce emission of waste gas and dust during the course of production, and vigorously promote new energy businesses including environmental friendly and healthy building materials and new type housing in the field of product application. The fourth ground is implementing the strategy of "the Belt and Road" and "Go global" and becoming a global citizen. China National Building Material Group always adheres to the three concepts during "Go global": Making contribution to the local economy, closely cooperating with local enterprises, and making friends with local people.


Song Zhiping wrapped up his speech by quoting "Self-discipline and social commitment". He pointed out that the core of an enterprise is the power of its moral spirit, and the biggest competitiveness is its responsible competitiveness. Running an enterprise is like being a man. We should have morality, so that we can shoulder more things, enable the enterprise to develop more steadily and gain more competiveness during the development.

Song Zhiping's speech won warm applauses. He integrated ancient maxims with the concept of sustainable development of the time. He not only advocated the strategy of sustainable development, on behalf of China National Building Material Group, but also exhibited the new posture of the building materials industry, after structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading led by China National Building Material Group, and triggered new thought of how to run an enterprise in the field of social responsibility and the whole society.

Since the first session of GoldenBee Leader Forum held in 2014, the leader forum has been one of the most remarkable social responsibility forums in China and foreign countries. It is an ideological, prospective and pioneering forum, which reflects the thought on pushing ahead social responsibility of enterprises at the national level, and strategic thought of enterprises and enterprise leaders on major development problems of enterprises and the society. In 2011, China National Building Material Group was listed into "GoldenBee Enterprise Social Responsibility China List", and won "GoldenBee Leading Enterprise" Award, the highest award of GoldenBee. In June 2014, it was listed into "GoldenBee Enterprise Social Responsibility China List" for the second time and awarded "GoldenBee Enterprise".

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