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?China National Building Material Group Attends the First Phase of "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" Lecture Video Conference Held by the SASAC


On 6 June, the SASAC organized the first phase of "entrepreneurship and innovation" lecture video conference. China National Building Material Group organized more than 30 people to attend the meeting, including employees of the "entrepreneurship and innovation" work team, leaders and heads of departments of secondary enterprises located in Beijing. Vice chairman of China National Building Material Group Yao Yan, vice secretary of the party committee and secretary of the discipline inspection commission Sun Lishi, vice general manager Huang Anzhong, and secretary to the board and general manager assistant Guang Zhaoyu, as members of the leadership team of entrepreneurship and innovation work of the Group, attended the meeting.

In order to earnestly implement the instruction of the State Council for promoting typical experience of central enterprises in carrying out "entrepreneurship and innovation", the SASAC decided to hold the central enterprises "entrepreneurship and innovation" lecture video activity. Representatives from China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp and China Merchants Group were invited to attend the first phase of the lecture. The representative from China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp highlighted the general concept of the building of "CASI Cloud" platform, achievements made and experience accumulated by them. Meanwhile, he also introduced the construction status of the "entrepreneurship and innovation" demonstrative base, which was among the first batch of approved demonstrative bases. The representative from China Merchants Group introduced operation experience of incubators, and highlighted the exploration of the operation model of incubators, and the concept and experience of the operation of "Entrepreneurship and innovation" base. By studying typical cases of other central enterprises, relevant departments and enterprises of the Group had a deeper understanding of the implementation of "entrepreneurship and innovation" work.

After the video conference, Yao Yan made an important speech. She introduced the convention of National Science and Innovation Conference, conveyed the important spirit of the meeting, and brought up specific requirements for the "entrepreneurship and innovation" work of the Group. First, we should unify thinking, and have a deep understanding of great significance of the "entrepreneurship and innovation" work. Second, we should enhance scientific innovation work inside of the Group and provide strong technical support for the development of the Group. Third, we should give play to the leading role of leading enterprises, and motivate innovative forces that promote the development of the industry and the society. For the "Entrepreneurship and innovation" work recently conducted by the Group, Yao Yan brought up specific requirements, such as enhancing policy learning, enhancing communication with the SASAC and relevant ministries and commissions, establishing the "Entrepreneurship and innovation" work communication meeting mechanism, intensifying promotion of "Entrepreneurship and innovation" work, and compiling bimonthly magazines to give briefings on work.

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