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2016 Spring Gala Held at the Headquarters of China National Building Material Group


On the afternoon of 3 February, a happy, harmonious, simple and elegant spring gala was held at the headquarters of China National Building Material Group, to celebrate the Spring Festival. Secretary of the party committee and chairman of China National Building Material Group Song Zhiping, general manager Cao Jianglin, vice secretary of the party committee Hao Zhenhua, vice secretary of the party committee and secretary of the discipline inspection commission Sun Lishi, standing committee member of the party committee and vice general manager Guo Chaomin and Huang Anzhong, chairman of the Labor Union Wang Yumeng, chief economist Zhou Guoping and general manager assistant Wei Feng attended the meeting.


In his speech, Song Zhiping expressed his gratitude to mass cadres and basic-level employees at the headquarters of the Group for their hard work during the past year, and fully recognized achievements made by everyone. He said, over the last year, faced with severe and complicated economic circumstances, mass cadres and basic-level employees, under the leadership of the management team of the Group, overcame mountains of difficulties, worked with one heart and one mind, marched forward courageously, and struggled to forge ahead. As a result, they accomplished tasks and targets for the whole year, and achieved hard-won development results. The new year is full of opportunities and hope. He wished everyone further progress in spirit and work, a happy life and better achievements in every aspects, and sent blessings to 180,000 cadres and basic-level employees of the Group through people present at the spring gala. 

At the spring gala, Song Zhiping recited Ode to Plum Blossom, a poem of Chairman Mao, and explained the emotion and spirit expressed by the poem. The heroic and optimistic sentiments of the poem affected everyone, and won warm applause from the audience. Through the game of WeChat "Red Packets", leaders of the Group such as Song Zhiping, Yao Yan and Cao Jianglin sent New Year's blessings to cadres and basic-level employees. Through interaction between leaders and employees, the spring gala was filled with joy and laughter. It cultivated a strong family-like atmosphere of CNBM.


At the spring gala, departments and offices of the headquarters and the asset management company of the Group made excellent performances for everyone. The singing and dancing performance "Endless Love to You" delivered by the HR department kicked off the spring gala and brightened up the cheerful atmosphere. The song "Meteor Shower" performed by the Investment Development Department and the Audit Department won applauses from the audience. "Happy Dance" performed by the office of the board of directors was playful and fresh. They sent New Year's greetings to everyone through video, which was innovative and intrigue. The harmonica solo "Applause Resounded" was fascinating and enchanting. "Dancing Sun" performed by the International Cooperation Department was vibrant, stylish and full of passion and vitality. The male vocal solo "Lala Song" performed by the asset management company was energetic and brilliant. The dance "Para para sakura" performed by the Finance Department showed their teamwork spirit. The innovative program "Youth Beat" performed by new employees gave people a fresh feel and conveyed a sense of proud of joining the big family of China National Building Material Group. "Tomorrow Will Be Better" performed by the Enterprise Management Department and the Department of High Tech Management showed the commitment of employees of the Group to realizing "Building materials dream" and their hard-working spirit and enthusiasm, and expressed their best wishes to the Group for a better tomorrow. During the intervals of the programs, a few games such as "Standing on one leg" were performed and participated by many leaders and employees of the Group. Various kinds of splendid programs pushed the spring gala to a climax now and then. Joy and laughter were everywhere.

Through self-made, self-directed and self-performed programs, everyone celebrated the Spring Festival, expressed the thoughts and feelings, showed the value pursuit of "innovation, performance, harmonious and responsibility" of CNBM, exhibited the elegant appearance of cadres and basic-level employees of CNBM, who are full of youthful spirit, positive and progressive. Everyone said, through this activity, they enhanced communication, harvested blessing, exhibited talents, and condensed power. In the new year, they will start their work with a new look and strive to make greater contribution to the reform and development of the Group.

All cadres and basic-level employees of the headquarters and the asset management company of the Group attended the spring gals.

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