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China National Building Material Group Attends Central Enterprises Ideological Publicity Work Conference


On 29 January, the SASAC held the Central Enterprises Ideological Publicity Work Video Conference, to earnestly implement the spirit of the national propaganda executive meeting, meetings of heads of central enterprises and heads of local organs of the SASAC, analyze overall situations, and make plans for the work of this year. It is emphasized at the meeting that we should use new concepts, new ideas and new measures to make plans for ideological publicity work of central enterprises, enhance the appeal of ideological publicity work. Vice director and member of the party committee of the SASAC Huang Danhua attended the meeting and made a speech. Vice secretary general of the SASAC Peng Huagang and Zhou Yubo attended the meeting. Director of Publicity Bureau and director of News Center of the SASAC Lu Weidong presided over the meeting. Vice secretary of the party committee of China National Building Material Group Hao Zhenhua, secretary to the board and general manager assistant Guang Zhaoyu, heads of relevant departments of the headquarters of the Group and relevant personnel attended the parallel session of the Group.

Huang Danhua appointed out, in 2015, central enterprises' ideological publicity organs earnestly implemented requirements of the Party Central Committee and the party committee of the SASAC, adhered to correct political orientation and propaganda orientation, focused on crucial work such as development and reform, enhancing party building, strengthening supervision and anti-corruption, took actions and did solid work, and made significant contribution to the reform and development of central enterprises. Huang Danhua emphasized that in 2016, the ideological publicity work of central enterprises should be based on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and state-owned assets. We should steadily push ahead innovation, reach common consensus with the CPC's theoretic innovation results, uphold and implement "Five development concepts", enhance ideology and theory construction and education of situation and tasks, strengthen construction of core socialist values, create a good environment in favor of the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and state-owned assets, provide ideological guarantee, spirit power, moral nourishing and culture conditions for central enterprises to become stronger, better and bigger. Huang Danhua said, we should put importance on six major tasks in 2016, and make overall advancement while making major breakthroughs. First, we should study hard and have a clear understanding of what we learn, have a proper style of study, conduct in-depth study of the spirit of important speeches made by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Second, we should fulfill responsibility, enhance management, and intensify ideological and political education. Third, we should focus on main points, comprehensively implement measures, and improve pertinence and effectiveness of news and publicity work. Fourth, we should play a leading role in integration, and push ahead corporate reform and development with corporate culture construction. Fifth, we should improve systems and fully implement them, and constantly intensify spiritual civilization construction. Sixth, we should enhance leadership, build up platforms, and strengthen the building of the working team of ideological publicity.

After the video conference, Hao Zhenhua summarized the spirit of the meeting and brought up three requirements on ideological publicity work of the Group in 2016. First, we should earnestly study the spirit of the ideological publicity working conference of the SASAC, and fully implement it in our daily work. Second, we should summarize good experience and practice of ideological publicity work of the Group, further improve awareness, do solid work, and strive to break new ground in ideological publicity work of the Group. Third, we should do a good job in ideological publicity work of enterprises under the new trend, with a strong sense of mission and commitment, and make greater contribution for building a world-class building industrial group.

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