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China National Building Materials Group Released Social Responsibility Report 2015


On June 26, China National Building Materials Group released 2015 Social Responsibility Report in Responsibility Leads The Innovation Management Promotes The Development - 2016 China's Industrial Enterprises Corporate Social Responsibility Report Conference that was held in Beijing National Convention Center. CNBM had released Social Responsibility Report for seventh consecutive year. This report is themed "Stand on The Moral Highland to Do Business", illustrated the law and logic of sustainable development of CNBM.

During the “Twelfth Five-year Plan” period, China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM), centering on the strategic goals of “Stronger and better; World leadership”, actively transferred mode and adjusted structure, deepened market-oriented reform, vigorously promoted structural adjustment, merger and reorganization, and energy conservation and emission reduction of cement and glass, as well as developed new building materials, new housing and new energy materials, making remarkable achievements. During the “Twelfth Five-year Plan” period, CNBM realized a total profit of 55.4 billion yuan, with taxes of 61.2 billion yuan and total social contributions of 220.8 billion yuan. Started as a grass root enterprise with small capital and weak economic foundation, CNBM has developed and grown into one of the world’s top 500 enterprises with 180,000 employees and assets of more than 400 billion yuan.

Recalling “Twelfth Five-year Plan” period, started from releasing the first social responsibility report, we built social responsibility organization system, established and perfected social responsibility management rules, deepened the concept of responsibility and established responsibility model; we conducted stakeholder management and regular release of social responsibility report; we built the framework of five major responsibilities, continued responsibility-fulfilling practices and persisted in improving responsibility-performing ability and level; we carried out responsibility research, joint in responsibility initiating organization and action plans to promote the dissemination and sharing of responsibility. We achieved growth from scratch and became the practitioner, impeller and leader of social responsibility.

CNBM has always believed that fundamental purpose of Company is to serve the community. As the saying goes, a small victory is won by wisdom, a big by virtue. The development of enterprises should be combined with wellbeing of human, fate of the country, interests of the industry and happiness of employees. We should stand on the moral high ground to do business.

CNBM adheres to the principle of being people-oriented and pursuing the realization of human values and happiness. We exert every effort to maintain the rights and interests of employees and develop the safety system and mechanism that can continue to improve the health of employee. In 2015, the Group had invested 570 million yuan in occupational health and safety; respect employee’s rights and interests and caring staff’s well-being and growth. We will build the corporate into a stage for employees to show their talents, as well as a home giving them sense of security, warmth and happiness. In 2015, 178,000 people had attended various cultural and sports activities, and we had invested 7.091 million yuan in helping special groups.

CNBM puts the industry interests of the whole above everything else and takes the path to mutual benefit and win-win situation. We always adhere to the idea of “industry interests outweigh those of enterprises which lie in the former” and strive to prop up the umbrella aiming at coexistence and multi-win situation for the industry., We take the lead in building and maintaining a healthy compliance market environment, return shareholders and investors with excellent operating results, serve the customers with high-quality products, grow together with industry and industry chain partners. This integration will continue to expand industry science and technology resources, build industry innovation flagship and lead the industry sustainable development. A number of major scientific and technological achievements have been successfully applied to major engineering and construction projects such as Beijing Olympics, high-speed railways, the Three Gorges,and Beidou Satellite. We promote adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure while realizing leapfrog self-development. At present, there are more than 5600 effective patents, the total number of state-level enterprise technology centers had reached 9, ranked first in the central enterprises.

CNBM had viewed human well-being first and following the logic of green and sustainable development. We adhere to the industrial and natural harmonious coexistence development mode, comprehensively utilize industrial and urban waste resources, and produce low-carbon products with the lowest possible consumption and emissions. In 2015, we had consumed more than 75 million tons of solid waste; and were committed to providing green building materials products for the society, and provide products and services support for the new energy industry. In addition, solar energy conversion efficiency of Group's thin-film battery components exceeded 17.9%, which makes make a positive contribution to the development of new energy sources; we have shared effective energy saving and environmental protection technology and management experience , and advocated the sustainable development for the entire industry and society. In 2015, we launched “Blue Sky Responsibility” action plan, and made guarding the blue sky the first corporate responsibility, and proposed implementation plan for building materials industry group to tackle climate change.

CNBM has taken common development as the guiding principle and practicing responsible operation model of “the Belt and Road Initiative”. CNBM is an advocate and practitioner of common development concept. In the meantime of giving play to our own industrial advantages, we promote common development within our area and related industries. During the “Twelfth Five year Plan” period, a total of 42.13 billion yuan was turned over to local taxes, a total of more than 90,000 new employment opportunities were created and our charitable donations reached 88.306 million yuan.

2015 Social Responsibility Report for CNBM is evaluated by the Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center of Department of Economics of  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and expert team evaluates this report from the perspective of integrity, substantive, balanced, comparable, readability and innovation, and the    comprehensive assessment result is  five-star. This report is a remarkable social responsibility report and also the fourth consecutive five-star social responsibility report of CNBM.

2016 China Industrial Industry Corporate Social Responsibility Report Conference is Organized by China Federation of Industry, and guided by NDRC, Ministry of Industry and Information, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Environmental Protection, State Council SASAC, State Administration of Quality Supervision, State Administration of Work Safety and other relevant departments of the State Council, and co-organized by nine national industry associations (federation) such as machinery, steel, petrochemical, light industry, textile, building materials, nonferrous metals and electricity. Li Yizhong, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, deputy director of the Economic Committee of China, Feng Fei, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Li Zhaoqian, Deputy director of the State Administration of Work Safety, and other leaders attended the meeting. Mr. Adjani, Representative of UNIDO Office in China, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, and about a hundred enterprises had released 2015 social responsibility reports.

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