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China National Building Materials Group Corporation held a meeting of cadres and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council Released the list of leaders of the Group



On the morning of August 24, Second Bureau for the Administration of Corporate Executives held the meeting for releasing new leadership team of China National Building Materials Group Corporation. Director Jiang Weiliang, deputy director of Xue Lijun, Zang Wenyi, Deputy Division Chief of No.5 division and cadres Li Chao and former leading members of original  China National Building Materials Group Corporation and Sinoma attended the meeting.

Jiang Weiliang first announced the appointment or dismissal decisions from SASAC and Party committee of SASAC, and appointed Song Zhiping as chairman (legal representative) of China National Building Materials Group Corporation, Liu Zhijiang, Yao Yan (female), Li Xinhua as vice chairman, Cao Jianglin as director; employed Zhao Xiaogang, Chen Jin’en, Zhao Jibing, Xu Lipeng, Sha Ming, Zhang Yanling (Female) ,Liu Xinquan as an external director; nominated Cao Jianglin as General Manager candidate, Zhang Hai, Xu Weibing (Female), Huang Anzhong as deputy General Manager candidates, and Wu Jiwei as Chief Accountant Candidates. Comrade Liu Zhijiang is appointed as Secretary of the Party Committee of CNBM, comrades Song Zhiping, Sun Lixiang (female) as deputy Secretary of the Party Committee. In addition, comrades Yao Yan, Cao Jianglin, Li Xinhua, Zhang Hai, Xu Weibing, Huang Anzhong, Wu Jiwei and Yang Jie are appointed as members of party committee, and Comrade Yang Jie is appointed as secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission.

Then Jiang Weiliang made an important speech, he points out that the formation of new company team is the decision made by the Party Committee of SASAC on the basis of listening to all aspects of the views, making comprehensive consideration and careful study, and reporting to the party leadership group of State Council for record. Jiang Weiliang put forward four requirements on the new company and new team: First, unified thinking, and steadily promote the restructuring of the Group, and strive to complete this year's various tasks. Actively carry out relevant follow-up work of reorganization of the, perform institutional integration, internal resource integration, external market integration and other work in accordance with the rules of the market and reorganization rules. Second, work together to enhance unity, and further strengthen the construction of leadership team and cadres. Everything should focus on the overall interests of CNBM and national interests, and strive to work hard with one heart in the mind, one direction in the goal and take same step in the action, work together and perform well in the reorganization and integration. Third, firmly grasp the political direction, never forget the initial heart, and earnestly strengthen the party building work. We should synchronize and optimize the party's building and party's organizational structures, set the leader of party organization and party staff, and carry out party's work simultaneously, and realize alignment between system, mechanism, institution and work; enforce the work responsibility system of Party building, effectively give full play to the party's political core role, exemplary role of grass-roots party organizations, as well as vanguard role of Communist Party member. Fourth, strengthen the style of construction and strictly implementation of two responsibilities. The party committee of new company should shoulder the main responsibility for improving the Party conduct, adhere to the principle of "doing two jobs at once and attaching equal importance to each" to carry out reform and development and anti-corruption; Commission for Discipline Inspection of new company should seriously fulfill the supervision responsibility for corruption and dare to deal with unhealthy tendencies, crack the hardnuts and unsheathe the sword.


On behalf of the new team, Song Zhiping Chairman of CNBM made the following statement: First, earnestly understand the spirit of speech delivered by the  State Council SASAC, deeply understand the reorganization of two material companies, and know the important and historical responsibility of setup China National Building Materials Group Corporation; Second, unite and realize smooth transition, actively yet prudently carry forward the re-organization and improve the efficiency and perform well in accordance with the program of reorganization; Third, implement quality improvement, achieve better economic efficiency, strive to complete the tasks issued by SASAC; Fourth, the board of directors should actively play the role of external directors, and manage board of directors and fulfill all tasks in accordance with the guidelines; Fifth, seriously study and strengthen the party leadership, put greater efforts into building a clean team, implement "Two Studies and One Action", cultivate the attainment of cadre, and create a positive business team.

       Secretary of Party Liu Zhijiang also made the following statement: First, completely obey and resolutely support the decision on the new leader team made by the Party Committee of SASAC, strictly abide by political discipline and political rules, take the lead in maintaining the leadership of the unity, improve coordination and cooperation and enhance the decision-making capacity and cohesion of the team; Second, do a good job in the party building, conscientiously implement  the policy of policing itself and imposing strict discipline on its members, truly put the responsibility of Party building and improving Party conduct and government integrity into effect; Third, give full play to the party's political core role in the organization, unify the thinking and action to the SASAC decision-making, go all out to achieve steady growth; Fourth, closely coordinate with the board of directors, business level, and steadily promote the integration of business and culture in the new Group, work diligently toward the achievement of expected objectives of the reorganization.

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