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Song Zhiping was Invited To Attend 2016 China Top 500 Enterprise Forum



On August 27, 2016 China Top 500 Enterprise Summit Forum, organized by the China Enterprise Confederation and hosted by China Entrepreneurs Association, was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. The theme of this conference is "Innovation and Transformation: The Development of Large Enterprises in the 13th Five Year Plan", Wang Zhongyu, President of the China Enterprise Confederation, Wang Wenbin, Deputy Director of the State Council of SASAC, and leaders of Hunan Province attended and delivered speeches Song Zhiping, Chairman of China National Building Materials Group, was invited to attend the forum and delivered keynote speech entitled "One System Two Directions Innovation and Transformation".

At the forum, the China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneurs Association released 2016 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, China's Top 500 manufacturing enterprises list and its analysis report. In the face of China's economy into a new normal state, overall situation of reform and opening up, China National Building Materials Group deepens the structural adjustment, changes the driving force for development, promotes transformation and upgrading, steps forward in becoming stronger and better. In addition, CNBM is ranked 74 in the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises and ranked 25 in the China's top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises.

Song Zhiping said in his keynote speech, "one system" refers to the structural adjustment of enterprises, including the cutting of production capacity and upgrade product technology to the high-end forward. The building materials enterprises on the one hand shall enhance the cement to develop into the high-labeling, specialization, business mixing and product, on the other hand also vigorously develop new building materials, new houses and new materials. All enterprise shall adjust when the large enterprises make adjustment, and use "visible hand" and "invisible hand" the third force to carry out market coordination, so that large enterprises play an important role in the economic restructuring. "Two Directions" refers to innovation and internationalization. All enterprises should vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in innovation, vigorously develop and nurture new industries and intensify efforts to innovate business model. Chinese enterprises shall lay solid step in the process of internationalization, unite domestic companies or multinational companies to jointly develop the international market, and bring the "sincere" Chinese culture to the world.

During the forum, Song Zhiping was also invited to attend the Sustainable Development CEO Roundtable organized by the China Business Council for Sustainable Development (CBCSD) to share with the participants the views on the "Green Low-Carbon Development Road". He said that climate change would affect the future sustainable development of human, if we start to take action today, everything would not be late, or may face very serious consequences. For dealing with climate change, all people and business must take action and must not detach themselves from it. CNBM had incorporated green development into the enterprise's development strategy, developed blue sky action program, and implemented various measures to promote enterprises to achieve energy-saving emission reduction, transformation and upgrading. Song Zhiping closely combined with the practice of enterprises, systematically analyzed current situation facing enterprises, and won mutual agreement from guests for his far-reaching views.

In Changsha, Song Zhiping also arranged to listen to the report of leadership of southern Hunan, made in-depth understanding of Hunan cement business development, problems encountered, put forward future countermeasures in line with current situation of the national cement industry. He encouraged everyone to continue to give full play the work spirit of "three No and Four Don'ts", stand in the forefront of the market, seize the opportunity to make full use of the remaining four months to ensure the successful completion of the annual business tasks.

Guang Zhaoyu, Secretary of Directors of Board and Assistant of General Manager of China National Building Materials Group , Xiao Jiaxiang, Vice President of China National Building Material Company Limited and President of South Cement attended the relevant activities.

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