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Song Zhiping held talks with Yin Li Deputy Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Governor



On July 11, Song Zhiping, Chairman and Party Secretary of China National Building Materials Group held talks with Yin Li, Deputy Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Governor, in Chengdu and exchanged views on Group's future development in Sichuan.

Song Zhiping said that Sichuan had unique natural and beautiful environment, and advantages in location and resource, which was an ideal investment place for central enterprises. Sichuan is an important investment province of China National Building Materials Group, covering cement, gypsum board, glass fiber, new houses, TFT glass, cast refractory materials, equipment manufacturing and other fields. For a long time, the Sichuan provincial government had provided strong support and help for the development of China National Building Materials Group. He said that in the face of "new normal" of China's economy, China National Building Materials Group on the one hand intensified efforts to promote the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of traditional infrastructure industry such as cement, glass; on the other hand, vigorously promoted  the business development of new building materials, new houses, new energy materials and manufacturing services. In the future, China National Building Materials Group will play its own advantages in promoting the rapid development of green town, solar and other business, and actively play a role in making contribution to the economic and social development in Sichuan.

Yin Li expressed gratitude to China National Building Materials Group for its contribution to the economic development of Sichuan. He said that Sichuan is an important province in western China, and has abundant natural resources, and its population and economy are in the top. At present, Sichuan is in the strategic period of west development, and infrastructure and other construction had expanded the demand for building materials industry. At the same time, Sichuan has a competitive edge in scientific research, has advantages in location, talent, industry, creates good government service environment. He hopes that China National Building Materials Group can combine Sichuan local characteristics and folk characteristics, play an important role in urbanization, choose to build green town demonstration and then promote in the province.


During the period, Song Zhiping and his party also met with Tang Liangzhi, Secretary of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and Cao Jianglin, General Manager of the Group also attended the talks. The two sides exchanged in depth about the development of Chengdu Business Group. Chengdu is an important economic center in the west and center of opening to the outside world. CNBM will promote the structural adjustment of the local building materials industry and increase the support for the development of new industries in Sichuan. Chengdu governments at all levels will actively promote the work and improve Public service level, assist CNBM to carry out business in Sichuan, achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

Sun Lishi, Director of the Board of Directors of China National Building Materials Group, Zhou Guoping, Chief Economist and General Legal Counsel, Guang Zhaoyu, Secretary of the Board of Directors and Assistant of General Manager, Peng Shou, Party Secretary and General Manager of Triumph Science & Technology Co., LTD, Zhang Li ,Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors of China National Building Material Company Limited; Luo Qiang, Secretary-General of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, Chen Guanghao, Director of Sichuan Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau; Wang Bo, Member of Chengdu Municipal Committee and Secretary-General, Gou Zhengli, Vice Mayor of the Municipal Government attended the relevant talks.

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