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2016 "China Composites Cup" Technological Innovation Award Review Meeting of China National Building Material Group Held in Beijing



From 13 June to 14 June, the 2016 "China Composites Cup" Technological Innovation Award Review Meeting of China National Building Material Group was held in Beijing. More than 30 people attended the meeting including members of the leadership team and experts of the review committee of technological innovation award of the Group. Vice secretary of the party committee of the Group and team leader of the leadership team of technological innovation award Hao Zhenhua attended the meeting and made a speech. Vice chairman of Chinese Machinery and Smelting Building Materials Labor Union Mao Yingchun, minister of the working department of building materials Wang Xiaojie, head of National Building Material Industry Technology Innovation Award Office Peng Chunhua attended the meeting at invitation and made speeches. The meeting was presided over by chairman of the Labor Union of the Group Wang Yumeng. Secretary of the party committee of China Composites Corporation Xue Jirui made a speech on behalf of title sponsors.

Peng Chunhua reviewed the participation of China National Building Material Group in National Building Material Industry Technology Innovation Award in recent years, and fully recognized achievements made by the Group in deeply carrying out technological innovation activities.

Mao Yingchun brought up two opinions and suggestions on promoting the technological innovation award selection activity. First, we should recognize the current situation, and have a profound understanding of the great significance of improving quality of employees; second, we should tap potentials, and promote the innovation and development of the innovation award platform. He fully recognized the Group for promoting transformation and upgrading and innovation of the building materials industry and expressed his ardent expectations to the Group.

In his speech, Hao Zhenhua summarized experience of the Group in carrying out the technological innovation award selection. First, we should create an innovation platform, motivate innovation vitality of enterprises and carry out innovation activities at different aspects; second, we should enhance collaborative innovation, vigorously promote transformation of technological innovation achievements, and cultivate new  economic growth points; third, we should enhance protection on intellectual property of technological innovation achievements, optimize patent plans, and establish a long term system and mechanism for technological innovation work. He said, for the technological innovation work of the next stage, the Group should fully make use of existing innovation platforms and technology resources, motivate the vitality of mass scientific and technical personnel and technical workers in "entrepreneurship and innovation", further enhance collaborative innovation, and improve the quality of results of technological innovation projects.

The enterprises under the Group actively responded to the award selection activity. The number of application projects hit a record high. Through review and modification on materials, 436 projects were submitted to the review meeting, an increase of more than 100 projects compared to that of 2015. After the review, the projects that have won the first prize of the Group will be recommended to participate in the selection of 2016 National Building Material Industry Technology Innovation Award.

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