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Du Peng, Member of Leading Party Group of Shenzhen Government and Director of Qianhai Authority Visits CNBM



On August 6, Song Zhiping, chairman of CNBM and secretary of the Party committee met with Du Peng, member of leading Party group of Shenzhen Government and director of Qianhai Authority, and his colleagues at the headquarters of the Group and exchanged views in terms of in-depth cooperation of both sides in the future. Cao Jianglin, general manager of CNBM attended the meeting.

Song Zhiping firstly introduced the business development of affiliated enterprises of the Group in Shenzhen. He remarked that Qianhai in Shenzhen enjoys unique regional advantage, talent advantage and policy advantage, accumulates rich experience in the development and creates good condition for the reformation and innovative development of enterprises. CNBM will give full play to the advantages of central enterprises in talent and technology, seize the opportunity period of innovative drives, reform and development in Qianhai, Shenzhen, further enhance the cooperation of both sides and explore the in-depth cooperation in the new business field to realize the win-win situation.

Du Peng expressed gratitude for the contribution of CNBM to the economic development in Shenzhen in the long time and introduced relevant situations of Qianhai, Shenzhen, a Free Trade Zone of Guangdong. He remarked that with the advantages of policy, capital and innovation, Qianhai is the engine for economic development in Shenzhen. Recently, it is enhancing the investment in infrastructure and its economy develops rapidly. In the future, it will maintain sustained and high-speed growth and provide more development opportunities for various kinds of enterprises. Qianhai highly emphasizes the cooperative relations with CNBM and hopes to carry out multidirectional cooperation of two sides in the future. 


  Ma Jianguo, associate general manager of CNBM, Chen Yongxin, secretary of the Party committee and general manager of CNBM Import & Export, Zhao Yanmin, associate general manager and chief accountant, He Zijun, deputy director of Qianhai Authority and Zhang Feng, deputy director of Industry Promotion Division etc. attended the meeting. 

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