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Shi Lijun, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Taizhou Visits CNBM



On August 6, Song Zhiping, chairman and secretary of the Party committee of CNBM Group had a conversation with Shi Lijun, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee and mayor of Taizhou and both sides had communication in terms of cooperation.

Song Zhiping firstly introduced the development of CNBM. In recent years, through the road of restructuring and innovative transformation, the Group develops from a traditional building material enterprise with weak foundation to one of the world’s top 500 companies and the leading enterprise in the national building material industry. He remarked that located in the Yangtze River Delta with convenient transportation and beautiful natural environment, Taizhou is a historical and cultural ancient city and is suitable for innovative development. CNBM Group will give full play to its own advantages in industry, science and technology and other aspects, seize the opportunity, look to the future, enhance cooperation with Taizhou, make full use of different policies of Taizhou to actively promote the development of businesses including new type building materials, new type housing and new energy and play a role in the economic construction and social development in Taizhou.

Shi Lijun said that in Taizhou, the economy develops steadily and rapidly with an advanced level in Jiangsu Province and industries including shipbuilding, metallurgy, new energy and medicine have foundation for development. Many industries of CNBM have a leading level in the world and technologies including copper, indium, gallium, selenium and ultra-thin glass play a leading role in the industry. He remarked that different levels of governments in Taizhou will provide local projects of CNBM with quality support and hoped that both sides can take the opportunity of constructing towns with Chinese characteristics and accelerate the process of businesses including green small towns, smart agriculture and new energy.

Ma Jianguo, associate general manager of CNBM, Peng Shou, general manager of Triumph Science, Wei Rushan, general manager of the investment department in the Group, Sun Yaocan, member of the leading Party group of Taizhou municipal government, Chen Xiang, deputy secretary of district committee and district mayor of Hailing, Yu Shisheng, deputy head of district in Hailing etc. attended the conversation. 

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