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? China National Building Material Group Organizes and Holds a Training Meeting by Teleconferencing or Videoconferencing Studying Basic Knowledge of Accounting of Carbon Emission



On 20 June, in order to actively cooperate with the launch of the national carbon trading market in 2017, and do a good job in the accounting and investigation of historical data of carbon emission of enterprises, China National Building Material Group carried out a visual telephone training meeting for basic knowledge of the accounting of carbon emission. Vice general manager of China National Building Material Group Ma Jianguo attended the meeting and made a speech.

Ma Jianguo conveyed the spirit of documents issued by the Party Central Committee. He said, carbon credit trading has great significance. It is an inevitable selection for China to respond proactively to challenges of climate problems, and an important environmental and economic policy of market-oriented economies, an important method for building materials enterprises to fulfill environment responsibility, and an important means for enterprises to improve operation and management level and create new profit growth points. Ma Jianguo added, carbon trading is an important measure for the Group to cut overcapacity, make structural adjustments, and implement the green development strategy. We should do our best to do well the fundamental work. First, we should strengthen organization and management of carbon emission inside the enterprise; second, we should earnestly carry out the verification of historical data of carbon emission; third, we should enhance ability construction in the carbon field; fourth, we should effectively carry out management on carbon emission of enterprises; fifth, we should actively provide advices on policies and ability construction of carbon trading.

Vice president of No. 3 Test and Certification Institute of CTC Yan Haochun carried out a special training for meeting participants from different enterprises. From the perspective of carbon policies and rules at national and industrial levels, he first introduced basic rules of Chinese carbon credit trading market, analyzed risks and opportunities brought from carbon trading, and specifically explained the accounting standard for carbon emission in the cement and glass industries from a technical standpoint. The training was closely related to current national carbon trading policies and their progress, and achieved good training effect.

Heads of enterprises of China National Building Material Group located in Beijing, heads of relevant departments and offices and business personnel attended the meeting at the main venue. Representatives from more than 170 member enterprises attended the meeting by teleconferencing or videoconferencing.

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