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Build Green Building for All



Recently, the US Fortune website published an article about emerging enterprises would make people's lives more environmentally friendly, which  describes the new housing business cooperation between Barcelona Housing System Company and China National Building Materials Group'.

Barcelona housing system company cooperated with China National Building Materials Group to build 8,000 sets of green houses in the UK. "Everyone is talking about green buildings, but no one knows how to build green buildings," 58-year-old Spanish entrepreneur Caesar Martinez said in an interview. Matthew's grandfather founded a family building company in Barcelona in 1916. About 10 years ago, Martinez began to combine the green solutions and affordable housing planning, and was able to achieve his dream until he cooperated with China National Building Materials Group.

His secret is to design a pre-processed four-story building on a compact plot, which will equip with solar panels, will not produce waste during construction and does not need water and cement. His company, the Barcelona Housing System, is currently working with the world's governments to study housing design in Chile, Ecuador, the UK and Croatia.

This year is an important year for the Barcelona housing system company. The company is implementing the first major projects, and had carried out extensive cooperation with giant- China National Building Materials Group-in the Chinese building materials industry. Martinez said that the future energy supply entirely would rely on green energy and battery off-grid green building, and new housing business would have significant development opportunities.

China National Building Materials Group is China's largest comprehensive building materials industry group and also a Global Top 500 enterprise. In recent years, this Group has actively promoted the transformation and upgrading of building materials industry, explore the development path to go global in the process of implementing "The Belt and Road "strategy, vigorously carried out oversea EPC services and investment activities in the cement and glass industry, and vigorously promoted new houses and green Town, and cooperated with world-renowned construction companies to build first-class green residential communities.


The new housing project in Chile, the first light steel house in "new house + new energy" model in Copiapó Chile constructed by Barcelona housing system company and China National Building Materials Group, features "anti-earthquake, environmental protection, energy saving and comfort" etc., especially for Chile and other countries located in multi-seismic zone. The successful implementation of the project marks an important milestone for China National Building Materials Group's new housing sector in implementing the "Green Town" strategy in the world, and vigorously enhances the company's influence in the South American market, and lays a solid foundation for further expanding the new housing in the international market.

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