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The CIGS Film Components Conversion Rate of German Avancis of China National Building Materials Group Creates A World Record



Recently, the German CIGS producer Avancis announced that the photoelectric conversion rate of 300mm × 300mmCIGS small thin film solar cells, developed by research and development center in Munich, had reached 17.9% and created a new record. The company claims that the technology can be quickly applied to 1 square meter standard size component with the power of 170Wp.

As a developer of thin film solar technology, Avancis's copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin film solar cells and cadmium telluride (CdTe) technology has been continuously developed. Avancis's PV module efficiency with lighting area of 622cm2 had reached 17.9%. Avancis claims that this technology has set a record and surpasses 16.5% that is created by China's Taiwan Semiconductor giant TSMC, and also surpassed the 16% conversion rate created by another high-tech equipment maker Manz in Germany.

Avancis component that creates efficiency record will be put into production at the Torgau plant in Germany. This component can reduce the dead zone of CIGS batteries via reducing the battery width, optimizing ZnO layer, making positive aluminum contacts, and improving laser ablation. This CIGS component is suitable for space-constrained applications, such as roofs, which are dominated by crystalline silicon technology. This technology has been certified by the Fraunhofer Solar Systems Institute (ISE).

Avancis was acquired by China National Building Materials Group in 2014. In view of its stylish black aesthetic, Avancis technology is very suitable for photovoltaic building integration (BIPV) applications, which is the goal of China National Building Materials Group. In addition, Avancis components do not contain cadmium, which can be integrated into the building facade and roof and has environmental advantages.

China National Building Materials Group's Congratulatory letter to the Avancis

To Avancis Company:

CNBM hereby extended our warm congratulations to the R & D team of the Avancis Munich Thin Film Solar Energy Research Center, which has recently made the latest record of conversion efficiency of 17.9% on 300mm × 300mm lab components.

Since Avancis joined in China National Building Materials Group in 2014, all employees of Avancis had worked hard to innovate and make progress. On the one hand, the Tulgau plant in Saxony, Germany had operated smoothly, the technological transformation and upgrading of the production line had made significant progress, and high-speed pipelines based on the Industrial 4.0 had produced created commercial modules with the conversion efficiency of 14%. On the other hand, according to the requirements of the high-speed pipeline industry 4.0 and non-cadmium-free pollution-free production process, the R & D center had produced the small modules with the world's highest conversion efficiency. It is very worth celebrating!

The New energy is the strategic development direction of China National Building Materials Group, and thin film solar energy is an important direction for the development of new energy industry. China National Building Materials Group will develop 15GW film module production line in the next five years. We hope that you will apply high conversion technology to large-scale industrial production and make continuous efforts and carry out sustainable innovation, thus creating a brighter future for the vision of new energy industry and global development of China National Building Materials Group.

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