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Deputy Director of the Development Research Center of the State Council Zhang Jun Visited the Group and Conducted the Search



On May 10, Zhang Jun, deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, visited the headquarters of China National Building Materials Group and conducted in-depth communication and exchange with Song Zhiping, Chairman and Party secretary of CNBM on the reform of state-owned enterprises.

Song Zhiping first introduced the basic situation of deepening the reform of China National Building Materials Group. He said that CNBM, "grass-roots central enterprises", had  made the market-oriented reform, restructured almost a thousand private enterprises with different ownership, eliminated more than 300 inefficient enterprises, enhanced industry concentration, built three-tier mixed structure (listed companies, business platform and production enterprises), and developed into the world's largest manufacturer in the building materials industry s. In the process of reform and development, China National Building Materials Group put forward and practice the "central enterprises" model, adhere to the integration formula of "central enterprises strength + private enterprises vitality = business competitiveness" and "standardized operation, mutual benefit and mutual respect, and long-term cooperation", and find a path to carry out the market-oriented reform and industry restructuring in a manner of making progress together. Subsequently, Song Zhiping also introduced the progress of mixed ownership economy and the implementation of the board of directors since CNBM was selected as "double pilot" unit by the SASAC. After having carried out more than one year of pilot, multiplication reform of equity has advanced further, construction of professional manager system and identity transformation are fully advanced, and the effective mechanism for employee's ownership and core role of party organization in the mixed ownership enterprises is further improved, and development of new business areas had made special discussion, the direction of development had initially established.

Mr. Zhang expressed his appreciation for the successful development of the mixed ownership economy and achievements in the field of reform, and fully affirmed the Group's practice of implementing the spirit of the "1 + N" series of documents and deepening the reform of enterprises. Subsequently, he introduced the specific arrangements and progress that the Development Research Center of the State Council assumes as the third party for assessing the "state-owned enterprise reform". The two sides also exchanged views on the three levels and six aspects of the reform of state-owned enterprises, main problems facing the reform of state-owned enterprises and the topics of common concern.

Ma Jun, Director of Department of Enterprise of Development Research Center of the State Council, Zhang Yongwei and Yuan Dongming, Deputy Director, Guang Zhaoyu, Secretary of Board of Directors of the China National Building Materials Group, Assistant of General Manager, Director of the Group Reform Office, Chang Zhangli, Vice President of China National Building Material Company Limited, Secretary of the Board of Directors, Deputy Director of the Group Reform Office, Gan Zhiping, Director of Office of Board of Directors of the Group, Deputy Director of reform office attended the talks.

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