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The Largest Domestic Full-Oxygen Burning Ultra-White High-Transparent Photovoltaic Glass Production Line Completed and Put Into Production



On April 27, China National Building Materials (Hefei) New Energy Resources Co., Ltd.'s 650 tons ultra-white high-transparent photovoltaic glass production line was officially completed and put into production, which is an another major scientific and technological innovation after CNBM had launched 0.2 mm ultra-thin glass. Ma Liqiang, Chairman of the Boards of Supervisors in The Key Large State-Owned Enterprises, Cao Jianglin, Chairman of China National Building Materials Group, Song Zhiping, General Manager, Kong Tao, member of the Standing Committee of the Hefei Municipal Committee of the People's Republic of China, Member of the Party Group of the Municipal Government, Peng Shou, General Manager of Triumph Science & Technology Co., LTD and President of Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute, Mao Lingwen, Executive Deputy Manager of Triumph Science & Technology Co., LTD, and leaders from China Building Materials News and China Building Materials Magazine and other relevant units inaugurated the ceremony for the production and visited the production line.

The success of this project marks the successful construction of China's largest oxygen burning ultra-white high-transparent photovoltaic glass production line. After the official operation of the project, it will achieve an annual output of 24 million square meters of the original film and 18 million square meters of coated films, with an annual output value of 600 million yuan, which has good economic and social benefits. The project always adheres to the green, high-end, intelligent construction concept, adopts unique low-sulfur low-iron green photovoltaic glass material, develops and uses independent intellectual property rights of low-carbon low-nitrogen full-oxygen combustion furnace, equips with intelligent configured, automatic high-end equipment, thus enabling to produce world-class and domestic leading high-quality ultra-white high-transparent photovoltaic glass. Compared to the traditional air combustion, this production line can reduce at least less than 70% of nitrogen oxide emissions, thus meeting the standards of cleaner production.


Ma Liqiang visited the production line site, fully affirmed the innovative achievements of this project and put forward the "six news": new energy, new materials, new technologies, new products, new level and new highlights. He hoped that CNBM would have more achievements in the "Six News" in the future, and better innovation to showcase the high-end brand new image of CNBM's "Going Global" with more innovative achievements.

Kong Tao expressed his congratulations on behalf of Hefei municipal government. He said that China National Building Materials (Hefei) New Energy Resources Co., Ltd. is a strategic emerging enterprise that China is vigorously nurtured and Hefei People's Government prioritizes its development. Hefei People's Government would use the construction of national distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration area as an opportunity and make strategic decision on promoting the concentrated development of photovoltaic new energy industry. The inauguration of new energy project is of great significance to the development of new energy industry in Hefei.

Song Zhiping gave a high evaluation on the project after paying a visit to the project production. He said that this project marked another major innovation achievement in the process of transformation and upgrade of CNBM and had great significance. The production site is very shocking, and the length of production line reaches 800 meters, which is spectacular. In addition, this production line has developed independent intellectual property rights of low-carbon low-nitrogen full-oxygen combustion furnace, equipped with intelligent configured, automated high-end equipment, thus producing high-quality high-intensity ultrawhite high photovoltaic glass, which is the pride and glory of Chinese glass. Such great results achieved in the development process of enterprise demonstrates the spirit and culture of enterprise, that is be eager to take on challenges and the courage to sacrifice, which is worthy of full recognition and praise.

Cao Jianglin visited the scene and expressed a high degree of praise for the success of the project. He made a higher demand for the future development of the enterprise, and hoped them create better performance and level in terms of technological progress and fine management in the future.

Peng Shou expressed his heartfelt thanks to the board of supervisors, China National Building Materials Group and the local government for their concern and support for the project. He said that China's glass industry had undergoing from pursuing to taking the lead, and China's glass industry had become a world leader in many areas, such as float glass and photovoltaic glass. In addition, information display glass, specialty glass and other fields have reached the world advanced level. The inauguration of full-oxygen burning ultra-white high-transparent photovoltaic glass production project will drive the transformation and upgrading of entire glass industry, and show the new level of Chinese glass industry's going global.

The new energy industry is the emerging industry that is vigorously cultivated in the 13th Five Year Plan, and also the priority project in the future development of CNBM. CNBM and its affiliated Triumph Science & Technology Co., LTD, and Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute and other enterprises will continue to adhere to innovation-driven, improve quality and increase efficiency, spare no effort to promote sustainable and healthy development of China and world glass industry, and promote China's glass industry to become the leader in the world.

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