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Song Zhiping lectured and attended the closing industry for the 3rd Courses for Young and Middle-aged Cadres



On the afternoon of April 28 afternoon, Song Zhiping, Party Secretary And Chairman of China National Building Materials Group, lectured at 3rd Courses for Young and Middle-aged Cadres and delivered a speech entitled" Review and Prospect on China National Building Materials Group", and attended the graduation ceremony, and issued Certificate of Completion for students.

Song Zhiping first stresses the original intention of this topic, which aims to let young and middle-aged leaders soberly know where we come from, who we are, where we go, and stimulate all students to have a confidence and think about the development of Group in the face of the current economic situation via reviewing and out looking the Group.

In the course of lecturing, Song Zhiping focuses on the past, present and future aspects of the group, comprehensively reviewed the history and performance of the "epic development" of the Group over the past decade, analyzed the opportunities and challenges in the current "new normal" situation, and out looked the innovation and transformation from the "Moral Highland" in the Future. He points out that the Group has grown from a grassroot central enterprise into a world top 500 enterprises with performance, innovation capability, certain visibility and social influence in the past decade, which contributes to the change of ecology of China's cement and the pattern of global cement via promoting reorganization of the industry, and the achievements that obtain in a number of fields via     exploring reform path to mixed ownership of central enterprises and implementing innovation and transformation of enterprises. These rich achievements contribute to the efforts of all the cadres and workers of the Group, indicating that the Group is a Group that can integrate the cultural stories, and has innovative story and has its own dream. In the face of the new situation, we must adhere to the "three curves" of the Group's development, make good adjustments to the traditional industries such as cement and glass, vigorously develop "three new" industries such as new building materials, new houses and new energy, strengthen innovation and technical services, and promote four major transformations of the Group. At the same time, he hopes young and middle-aged cadres can keep in mind two sentences: A willful man will have his way and big accomplishments come from an accumulation of little achievements made one by one. i.e. they must have ideals, aspirations, goals, keep long-term persistence and strive to the goal.


Wang Yumeng, Group staff director, Chairman of Labor Union and General Manager of human resources presided over the teaching and graduation. He said that wonderful lecture delivered by Chairman Song Zhiping marked a successful ending of 3rd Courses for Young and Middle-aged Cadres. We must profoundly learn and understand Chairman Song Zhiping's lecturing spirit, combine with own business and job characteristics, make serious thinking and plan for the two-month learning results. At the same time, he shared his thought on two above-mentioned sentences delivered by Chairman Song Zhiping and encouraged all students: First, A willful man will have his way, which tells us to have idea, set goal, have confident, always remember strategic goals and vision of CNBM, unify all thoughts and actions to the lofty goals and magnificent vision; Second, big accomplishments come from an accumulation of little achievements made one by one, which tells us to treat the learning and wisdom baptism as a new impetus into the goal and vision, view every achievement and every harvest as a starting point for new journey, keep perseverance, and make due contributions to creating CNBM that makes you proud.


Liang Wei, monitor of 3rd Courses for Young and Middle-aged Cadres, made a training summary report on behalf of all students. Staffs from departments of Group and some cadres and workers in Beijing-based enterprises, a total of more than 140 people attended the class and participated in the closing ceremony. By listening to lectures, they have a more comprehensive understanding of the Group, and boost their confidences in the future development.

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