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Chinese and Russian Heads of State Witness Signature of Strategic Cooperation Agreement Between China National Building Material Group and Eurocement Group



On the evening of 25 June, lights were blazing in the Office of Hebei Province of the Great Hall of the People, where the agreement signature ceremony for major projects was held after the China-Russia Summit. Agreements for major government and business projects were signed, witnessed by the two heads of state, including the strategic cooperation agreement between China National Building Material Group and Eurocement Group. 嘎尔切夫分别代表双方签字。Chairman of China National Building Material Group Song Zhiping and chairman of Eurocement Group Filaret Galchev signed the agreement on behalf of each party.

The Russian president's visit to China helped to reach a series of significant cooperation achievements between two countries, which will pave a solid foundation for the practical cooperation between both parties in the future. The signature of the cooperation agreement with Eurocement Group symbolizes that both parties started to carry out cooperation in a pragmatic and effective way, on the basis of many years of friendship and cooperation.


Eurocement Group is Russia's largest and the world's fifth largest cement group, boasting 19 cement plants in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, with annual production capacity of 50 million tons of cement. According to the agreement, both parties will work together in the fields of cement, glass, new type housing, new energy and building materials industrial parks. On the basis of expanding and deepening cooperation, both parties will realize growth of economic efficiency 

After the agreement signature ceremony, chairman Song Zhiping attended the banquet for the two heads of state at invitation.

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