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China National Building Material Group Holds Mutual Congratulations Meeting on New Year's Day for Retired Cadres and Old Experts



In the new year eve, on 21 January, the party committee of the Group held a mutual congratulations meeting on New Year's Day for retired cadres and old experts. Entrusted by chairman Song Zhiping, general manager of the Group Cao Jianglin, vice secretary of the party committee Hao Zhenhua, chairman of the Labor Union Wang Yumeng attended the activity. They met with more than 40 old cadres and wished each other a happy new year. The mutual congratulations meeting was presided over by vice secretary of the party committee of the Group Hao Zhenhua.

At the mutual congratulations meeting, on behalf of chairman and secretary of the party committee Song Zhiping and the management team of the Group, Cao Jianglin extended best wishes for the New Year to old cadres, and reported development status of the Group in 2015 and the work plan in 2016. He said, 2015 has been the hardest year for the building materials industry since the reform and opening-up. The Group withstood unprecedented pressure on the operation. Through its unremitting efforts, the Group finished tasks after adjustment by the SASAC, outperformed the market and the overall level of the industry, Its performance is above the average level of central enterprises. In 2016, according to the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the SASAC, the Group will do a good job in six fields including innovation driven mechanism, structural adjustment, openness and cooperation, deepening reform, improving quality and increasing efficiency, and enhancing party construction. When one drinks water, one must not forget where it comes from. The Group started off as a grass-root central enterprise. After undergoing untold hardships, the Group developed into a big enterprise as it is today. The Group can not make such achievements without the hard work of old cadres that paved a solid foundation for the Group's development. The management team of the Group must not make old cadres disappointed. We must manage the enterprise well, care about old cadres' life and solve their actual problems. He wishes that old cadres can give play to their advantages, always care about and support the work of the Group, make some contribution in their remaining years, and give suggestions to the Group.

Old cadres expressed his gratitude to leaders of the Group. They praised the management team of the Group as a good management team that is enterprising, enthusiastic, cooperative and innovative. They said that it is not easy for the management team of the Group to lead all the staff to achieve such results, despite difficulties. At the meeting, old cadres communicated with the leaders present at the meeting regarding problems and difficulties they concerned, and got satisfactory answers. There were warm applauses at the meeting from time to time. The meeting was harmonious and animated. Old cadres wished the Group can be stronger, better and bigger.

Relevant comrades from Division of Party and Masses' Affairs and the HR department attended the event.

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