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First Science and Technology Forum for China's Building Materials Held in Beijing



Qiao Longde, Xu Delong and Song Zhiping were invited to attend the forum and delivered keynote speeches

On April 28, the First Science and Technology Forum for China's Building Materials, organized by China Building Materials Academy and Science and Education Committee of China Building Material Federation, was successfully held in Beijing. Qiao Longde, President of China Building Material Federation, Xu Delong, Vice president of China Academy of Engineering, Song Zhiping, Chairman of CNBM, were invited to attend the forum, inaugurate the Science and Technology Forum of China's Building Materials and deliver the keynote speech. Yao Yan, Vice Chairman of CNBM and dean of China Building Materials Academy, presided over the forum.

This forum is themed Scientific and Technological Innovation of Building Materials Industry under New Normal, aims to unite the technological and innovation wisdom of the entire industry, provide a platform for exchanging all colleagues' innovative ideas in the industry, a platform for demonstrating innovation results, a platform for enhancing innovation power, a platform for providing suggestions on the science development blueprint for building materials industry, thus science and technology really playing a leading role in promoting the transformation of the industry and becoming the core driving force. This forum is the first science and technology forum of the entire industry, which is an important gathering that the building material industry discusses the scientific and technological innovation and proposes scientific and technological and innovative development direction in the current situation, is of great significance to promote the scientific and technological progress, as well as transformation and upgrading of China's building materials industry.


At the forum, Qiao Longde delivered a keynote speech entitled "Use Scientific and Technological Innovation as an Important Support for Supply-Side Reform in Building Materials Industry". He analyzed the urgency of the transformation and upgrading of China's building materials industry, and the necessity of scientific and technological innovation in promoting the transformation and upgrading, and shows the innovation theory of "Poverty Demands Change, Change Carries Development and Performance Follows Development", which has important guiding significance in the new normal historical period Qiao Longde put forward three integration points, five goals and key areas and breakthrough points for science and technology innovation, emphasized that the success of scientific and technological innovation must be based on comprehensive innovation, and comprehensively answered the imminent problems: how building materials industry carry out scientific and technological innovation, supply-side reform and achieve the transformation and upgrading.


Academician Xu Delong gave a lecture entitled "Promoting the Green Manufacturing and Building a Happy Home", used the relationship between mankind, nature and green development as the entry point, and fully demonstrated the thinking of green development in the contemporary world, as well as Chinese government's pursuit on green development, emphasized that  the development of green low-carbon cycle and green manufacturing is the main principle and direction of building ecological culture, promote the restoration of ecological functions, improve environmental capacity and quality, implement human awakening and self-restraint through the green development, put forward the Content, objectives and ways of achieving green manufacturing, and set innovative direction and content of green technology innovation for China's building materials industry


Song Zhiping delivered a speech entitled Green Development, Innovation Theme in Building Materials Industry. He used an international perspective to comprehensively expound the background of China's building materials industry development, deeply put forward the "green development is not just as a slogan, which requires each enterprise and everyone to practice actions." Song Zhiping put forward three points in in line with the actual condition of CNBM: First, from the growth limit to the survival limit, the green development  has become a global consensus and impacted China's overall development; Second, green, recycling and low-carbon is the direction of innovation in the building materials industry; Third, China National Building Materials Group vigorously implemented the "scientific and technological innovation" strategy, put forward and practice "three curves" and "four directions" in the innovation and development.

The First Science and Technology Forum for China's Building Materials had created lively scene, achieved great success, sounded the bugle to "Implement Science and Technology Innovation for Building Materials Industry in New Normal Situation," and make the majority of building materials enterprises have the confidence of "Technology Realizes Gorgeous Turn, Innovation Is Imperative". The future of Science and Technology Forum for China's Building Materials will be adhering to the concept of "Innovation, Fair, Open, Sharing", focus on science and technology management, policy research, personnel training, product promotion, industrial upgrading, international cooperation and other hot topics in building materials industry, invited industry leaders, well-known scientists and entrepreneurs to deliver keynote speech, and constantly innovated the forum management mechanism system, discussed development industry colleagues to develop the forum into well-known scientific and technological innovation platform in the industry and in the world, and provide high-end wisdom to the scientific and technological development of building materials industry.


Leaders from China Building Materials Federation, Members of Science and Education Committee of China Building Material Federation, China National Building Materials Group, China Building Materials Academy and affiliated enterprises a total of more than 200 people attended the forum.

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