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Leaders of the Group Inspect Cement General Contract Project in Saudi Arabia


From 20 September to 23 September, senior specialist of China National Building Material Group Ma Jianguo and his company arrived in Saudi Arabia, and carried out inspection on the progress and safety production of the general contract project of Saudi Arabia ACC clinker cement factory with daily production capacity of 10,000 tons, constructed by CNBM International Equipment Company Limited under China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation. General manager assistant of China National Building Material Group Wei Feng, general manager of CNBM Engineering Zhang Liao and relevant personnel of the project accompanied them.


At the construction site of Saudi Arabia ACC project, Ma Jianguo and his company carried out detailed inspection on safety production work and construction progress on the site, and listened attentively to a comprehensive report about the overall situation, construction progress, safety training, and safety control on the site of the project.

On behalf of the Group, Ma Jianguo expressed his sincere solicitude to engineering and technical personnel of the project working at the overseas construction site. He affirmed the safety management at the scene, put forward the specific requirements of "Safety is the top priority and a big issue", emphasized the implementation of responsibility of main bodies to conduct the safety management and project construction in an all-rounded way, and required to strictly forbid the "habitual offence against the regulations", enhance the training to improve the safety awareness and prevention skills of all the employees and prevent safety accidents. He said, the project has been the biggest order obtained by CNBM Engineering in the international cement engineering market, and a significant results of the company in implementing the national "the Belt and Road" strategy. All employees of the project department should optimize design, enhance control over cost of the project, enhance communication with the project owner, improve management on subcontractors, push forward the project in a swift and effective way, and ensure the project will be carried out according to the plan.

During the inspection, leaders of the Group, CEO of ACC Company Mr. Ghaseem, and COO of ACC Company Mr. Suhail had business negotiations, and obtained more resources and support for the construction of the ACC project in the later stage.

In addition, Ma Jianguo and his company conducted a survey in Dubai Logistics Park, listened to a report made by CNBM International about operation status of Dubai Logistics Park and planning of the overseas logistics park in the future, made plans for the overseas logistic parks in the next stage, learned the work and life of overseas employees, and expressed his gratitude for their hard work.

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