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The 14th China International Roofing & Waterproofing Expo Opens in Shanghai



On July 14, the 14th China International Roofing & Waterproofing Expo, hosted by CNBM and organized by CNBM Waterproofing Materials Company and China National Building Waterproof Association (CWA), was held ceremoniously at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Zheng Weihua, inspector of Product Quality Inspection Division in General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, Yao Yan, deputy chairman of CNBM and dean of CNBM Academy, Schneider, chairman of ZVDH, Olszewski, chairman of IFD and Zhu Dongqing, secretary-general of CWA attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon for the Expo.

At the Expo, Yao Yan  visited the booths of local and international first-rate roofing system and waterproofing companies including Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute of CNBM Academy, Oriental Yuhong, Shenzhen Joaboa, American GAF and German Vedag etc., had a deep understanding of the world’s leading building waterproof technologies and products and went in person to the large-scale construction demonstration sites in the same place with the Expo to watch the true representation of construction sites and skills made by local and international famous enterprises.

Yao Yan and her colleagues also attended and witnessed the inauguration of National Waterproof and Water Saving Materials and Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center inspected, certified, prepared and constructed by CNBM. With the ability to inspect hundreds of waterproof building material products and parameter, this center is the only national waterproof and water saving materials and products quality supervision and inspection center and currently it has successfully passed the appraisal and acceptance inspection of Certification and Accreditation Administration and obtained due authorization. 


Until now, China International Roofing & Waterproofing Expo has successfully been held for 13 times and has become Asia’s largest waterproofing expo and one of the three big international waterproofing expos genuinely through many years of flourishing development. With an exhibition area of 30,000 m2 and 260 local and international famous enterprises from 16 countries and regions, this expo collects numerous first-rate exhibitors, world’s leading roofing and waterproofing system technologies and products and has a larger scale and higher level than previous expos.

Wei Feng, assistant of general manager of CNBM and general manager of the international department, Tong Jifeng, deputy chief engineer of CNBM Academy and Xian Yongbiao, dean of Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute of CNBM Academy etc. accompanied in relevant events. 

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