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Cao Jianglin Meets with Fu Xuekun, Deputy Secretary of District Committee and District Mayor of Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu City and his Colleagues



Cao Jianglin met with Fu Xuekun, deputy secretary of district committee and district mayor of Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu City and his colleagues and both parties had communication in deepening strategic cooperation, developing “Three New” industries and other businesses.

Cao Jianglin expressed warm welcome to the visit of Fu Xuekun and his colleagues and expressed gratitude for the care, support and help of Qingbaijiang District Government to CNBM. He briefly reviewed the cooperation history of the Group and Qingbaijiang District Government, summarized it as “happy cooperation and deep relationship” and remarked that he will actively support the different work in deepening the strategic cooperation between the Group and Qingbaijiang District Government. Associate general manager Guo Chaomin introduced the project of the Group in Sichuan, Chengdu and Qingbaijiang and the development concept of “Three Curves” in the 13th Five-Year Plan period, namely, the transformation and development of traditional industries, the significant development of “Three New” industries and manufacturing service industry and Internet Plus

Fu Xuekun particularly introduced that Qingbaijiang is listed as the only national new industrialization green demonstration base by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As an important base for traditional industries such as chemical engineering and steel & iron, Qingbaijiang District is actively exploring the transformation to an ecological city and modern industry, reconstructing the green industry development system to support economic development, vigorously developing the emerging industries featured by low-carbon economy and recycling economy, constructing a development plan of building a city of smart industry and sincerely hopes to introduce the emerging industries of CNBM including high-end glass fibre, carbon fibre and new type housing to pursue mutual promotion and common development by seizing the opportunity of the in-depth strategic cooperation of both sides

Jiang Jing, office director of Qingbaijiang District Government, Zhu Hejin, director of Science and Technology and Economic Information Bureau, He Li, director of CIPA, Gao Qiao, director of Industrial Park Administrative Committee, Tao Zheng, general manager of BNBM Group, Xue Jirui, secretary of the party committee and associate general manager in China Composites Corporation, Li Chang, associate general manager of China Jushi, Yin Jihua, general manager of BNBM House, Huang Wei, associate general manager of the southwestern operational region in BNBM House and heads of relevant functional departments in the Group etc. attended the meeting and communication. 

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