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CNBM Holds the Working Conference of the First Half in 2016


      On July 29, CNBM held the video and telephone working conference of the first half in 2016, which conveyed the meeting spirit of training classes of heads in central enterprises and regional SASAC, systematically summarized the work of CNBM in the first half of the year and arranged completely the work in the second half. Song Zhiping, chairman and secretary of the Party committee of CNBM, delivered an important speech. Yao Yan, deputy chairman hosted the conference and Cao Jianglin, general manager, made a report on the work of the first half of the year. 


Zheng Lei, division head of the 6th office of the Boards of Supervisors in State-owned Key and Large-sized Enterprises, attended the conference. Hao Zhenhua, deputy secretary of the Party committee of CNBM, Sun Lishi, deputy secretary of the Party committee and secretary of discipline inspection commission, Guo Chaomin, Ma Jianguo, Huang Anzhong, associate general manager, Wu Jiwei, chief accountant, Wang Yumeng, president of the trade union, Zhou Guoping, chief economist and general counsel, Guang Zhaoyu, secretary of the Board of Directors and assistant of general manager, Wei Feng, assistant of general manager, main heads of different departments and offices in the headquarters, party and government administration heads of different subordinate enterprises and important business units and some employee representatives attended the conference at the main conference hall of the headquarters of CNBM. Members of leader groups in affiliated enterprises of the Group and relevant heads of business departments attended in over 150 parallel sessions of the conference all over China. Triumph Science & Technology, Southwest Cement, BNBM, China Jushi, CNBM Academy (headquarters), CNBM Import & Export respectively made typical communication of experience centering on innovative transformation and performance improvement. 


      In the first half of 2016, in the face of the unfavourable situation with sustained pressure of downward economy, CNBM conscientiously implemented the different deployments of SASAC in streamlining the administrative structure and improving quality and efficiency, followed “integrated optimization, efficiency improvement, debt decrease”, “early, careful, refined, solid”, “Four Grasps, Four Controls, Four Increases and Four Reductions” and the five guiding principles in operation and management of “stabilizing price, lowering cost, receiving payment, accumulating inventory, adjusting”, made lots of sturdy and effective work and made greater main indexes than the overall industry level. Paying special attention to operation and management, the heads of different units of the Group stick to the frontline to run the market, the business unit of cement conscientiously implements the 34th Document to actively develop staggering production and market synergy, businesses including plasterboard, wind blade, glass fibre, carbon fibre and new glass vigorously increase new varieties, improve quality, create the brands, the market share of main products effectively expands and the sales volume increases; the Group takes various measures to streamline the administrative structure, train hard the internal strength, lower the cost, improve the efficiency, deeply promote the work of Four Reductions of 2.0, strengthen lean production and lean management, implement the plan of saving the cost, improve the benefits of the company continuously and accelerate the adjustment and transformation, the Group actively practises the Three Curves put forward by chairman Song Zhiping and the cement and glass businesses greatly promote supply-side structural reform and develop in the direction of Four Modernizations; the Three New industries have lots of highlights, businesses including plasterboard and new type housing pass the advantages of consolidated technologies including high-strength lightweight board and Energy Plus 5.0, wind blade, glass fibre and T-800-class carbon fibre increase the core competitiveness through stepping into the high end and the businesses of electronic glass and photovoltaic glass continuously renew the records with dramatic increase in benefits; the Group actively promotes high-end technical services, creates the open platform of R&D services and establishes the first national training base of carbon trading capacity in the building material industry and its IPO application passes the examination of China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Group accelerates the internationalization and promotes the construction of the Belt and Road and international capacity cooperation to yield fruitful results, General Secretary Xi Jinping witnessed the signing ceremony of the overseas projects of the Group, Premier Li Keqiang, Vice-Premier Wang Yang fully affirmed the Groups participation in international exhibitions, many projects invested overseas go into operation successfully, the business layout including BNBM HOME building material home furniture supermarket and new type housing covers all over the world and the Smart Platform of Internet of Things has achieved 0.1 billion yuan of benefits only half year since the establishment. Also, adhering to the transformation and innovation, the Group again is listed as the pilot enterprise of central enterprise merger & reorganization and the pilot enterprise of implementing the function and power of the Board of Directors coupled with the pilot enterprise of developing mixed ownership, a total number of 3 pilots, and relevant transformation work has made stable and active progress; with the all-rounded promotion of innovative economy and society work in the Group, the Group declares and receives approval of a batch of national-level projects and lots of products and technologies span from global catch-up pattern to leading pattern. Lastly, the Group comprehensively strengthens Party discipline, deeply promotes the education of studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building and the work of combatting corruption and upholding integrity, constructing a team, social responsibilities and corporate culture has all made remarkable achievements. 


      Cao Jianglin reviewed and summarized the work of the Group in the first half of the year in his report and made specific deployments to the work in the second half. He pointed out that in the second half, the Group should realistically take effective measures to ensure the all-rounded completion of yearly aim and task with supply-side structural reform as the principal line and the streamlining of the administrative structure and the improvement in quality and increase in efficiency as the key. The first is to do one’s best to stabilize the growth, continue to enhance the guiding principles of operation and management, make benefits in the market and management and strictly control the enterprise risk. The second is to grasp the “Three Curves”, enhance the construction of profit platform and speed up the adjustment and transformation. The third is to do the work of three pilot reforms well. The fourth is to deeply promote the “innovative economy and society” and completely make the innovation of science and technology. And the last is to adhere to the leadership of CPC, enhance the Party construction and turn political advantages into the competitive advantages of the enterprise. 

      In his speech, Song Zhiping conveyed the meeting spirit of training classes of heads in central enterprises and regional SASAC and fully affirmed the achievements of the Group in the first half of the year. He said that in the face of the particularly severe and complex operational situation, from the top to the bottom, the company withstands the heavy loads to make lots of fruitful work in terms of stabilizing growth, adjusting the structure, facilitating transformation and preventing risk etc. and lay a solid foundation for the production and operation throughout the year with unfailing spirit and vigour. On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Group, he fully affirmed and highly praised the work of different levels of leader groups in CNBM and expressed sincere gratitude for the hard work of all the employees in the Group. 

      Song Zhiping made an in-depth analysis of the current economic situation, opportunities and challenges that the company faces and emphasized the development concept of the Group in the next stage. The first is to improve the quality and efficiency, streamline the administrative structure, strengthen the risk management and control, keep in mind the “Four Don’ts” and work hard to complete the aim and task throughout the year under the premise of stabilizing the current situation of production and operation and keeping the stable growth of main indexes. The second is to vigorously promote the supply-side structural reform and unswervingly implement the 34th Document, take the lead to eliminate the cement with the strength grading of 32.5 and to stop overcapacity, to stop to build new production line of cement, to implement the staggering and limited production and to stabilize the market price and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. The third is to center on the “one body with two wings”, specifically, transformation as the body and innovative development and internationalization as wings, vigorously promote the innovative transformation, grasp the “Three Curves”, drive the complete innovation with technological innovation as the core and accelerate the strategic implementation of “the Belt and Road” Initiative. The fourth is to do the three pilot works well with reformation as the impetus, namely, the pilot work of stably promoting merger & reorganization, the pilot work of continuously improving mixed ownership and the pilot work of deeply implementing function and power of the Board of Directors. The last is to completely enhance the Party construction, deeply carry out the “studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building”, improve the comprehensive quality of the enterprise and cohesive force and fighting capacity of the teams and create the new situation for the transformation and development of the Group with the new outlook of Party construction work. Also, Song Zhiping put forward specific requirements to leaders and cadres of different levels of enterprises in the Group. The first is to be firm in confidence, forge ahead regardless of hardships and work hard to win the tough battle of maintaining growth. The second is to be of one heart and one mind, carry forward the inclusive and united corporate culture, safeguard the overall situation and overall interests of the Group, “put time on studies and put mind on work” and be “respectful, grateful, modest and courteous and appropriate. The third is to improve the quality and achieve Four Cares, specifically, taking care to be a good person, taking care to do a good job, taking care to use the power well and taking care to make good friends. The fourth is to optimize the environment, implement the requirement of Three Differentiations, give full play to the entrepreneurial spirit and create the good atmosphere of Three Safes and Three Spirits (safe body, safe heart, safe industry, courage, drive and vitality). Lastly, he emphasized safe production and stable work. 


In her meeting summary, Yao Yan put forward requirements of implementing and learning the meeting spirit and implementing the work in the second half of the year. She emphasized that this meeting is of great significance to the unified thought, clear target and resolute victory of the tough battle of improving quality and efficiency. She hoped that different enterprises can deeply learn the meeting spirit, conscientiously implement the working arrangements in the second half of the year, spare no effort to improve quality and efficiency, make reform and innovation with keen determination, accelerate the transformation and upgrading and work hard to successfully complete the aims and tasks throughout the year and realize new and better development! 


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