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Li Mingchun, the 1st Cadre Sent to Aid Tibet, Goes to Tibet to Fulfill his Responsibilities


On July 27, Li Mingchun, one of the 8th group of cadres of central enterprises sent to aid Tibet selected by CNBM, went to Tibet to fulfill his responsibilities, which is the first time for the group to conduct the task of aiding Tibet.

Just before that, Wang Yumeng, worker director and the chairman of the trade union, appointed by Song Zhiping, the secretary of the Party committee of the group and chairman of the Board of Directors and Cao Jianglin, general manager, had a talk with Li Mingchun on behalf of the Party committee of the group and put forward requirements for his responsibilities in Tibet: firstly, the significance of aiding Tibet needs to be taken seriously from the height of general situation and strategy in order to regularly implement the fundamental policies of CPC; secondly, sense of responsibility, mission and honor needs to be enhanced realistically and the cadre should regulate himself based on the “Six Disciplines” of CPC and maintain the image of the group and thirdly, the cadre should make unity with the local cadres, other cadres of central enterprises sent to aid Tibet and enterprises colleagues to work hard to finish the different tasks of aiding Tibet. Meanwhile, Wang Yumeng particularly emphasized that the cadre should attend to his physical health, traffic and other issues to ensure his own safety. The HR department of the group should spare no effort to do the work of serving cadres sent to aid Tibet and logistic support to help them free of worries from behind.

Li Mingchun remarked that the work of aiding Tibet is an important and glorious task and he will definitely finish the tasks based on relevant requirements, make contributions to the development of Tibet with his wisdom and abilities, make continuous progress and live up to the expectations of the organization and leaders.

Cui Shuhong, the temporary secretary of discipline inspection commission of CNBM and general manager of the personnel department, participated in the talk before the task of aiding Tibet.

Committee of the CPC and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the requirement of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and with the principle of the combination of voluntary signing-up with the organization recommendation, this selection of cadres sent to aid Tibet finally makes sure Li Mingchun, associate general manager of the department of the southern Shanghai investment & development as the ideal candidate through careful screening. As the business backbone of member enterprises of the group, Li Mingchun overcomes the family difficulties and takes the initiative to sign up, reflecting the strong awareness of responsibility of young cadres in shouldering heavy loads and the good qualities of a CNBM staff ready to help in critical moments.

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