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Song Zhiping Visits Shitai in Anhui to Carry out the Research Work of Fixed-point Poverty Alleviation


On December 22, Song Zhiping, chairman and deputy secretary of the Party committee of CNBM, visited Shitai County, Chizhou City, Anhui Province, which is a fixed assistance target to the Group, to carry out the research work of the situation of fixed-point poverty alleviation, expressed sympathy and solicitude for the people in poverty and visited cadres who take temporary posts in poverty alleviation. Yao Yan, deputy chairman of the Group, Zhao Xinqun, secretary of municipal Party committee of Chizhou, Xia Jimiao, deputy mayor, Wang Yumeng, employee director and chairman of the trade union of the Group, Guang Zhaoyu, assistant of general manager, Li Jun, secretary of county party committee of Shitai and Zhang Wenjing, head of the county attended the research work. 


      Song Zhiping pointed out that with a good ecological environment and rich natural resources, Shitai County has tremendous potential in developing tourism industry and modern agriculture. As a central enterprise, CNBM deeply implements the spirit of important serial talks made by General Secretary Xi Jinping in the work of poverty alleviation and continues to support and help the development of Shitai County. In the work of the next stage, CNBM will integrate its industry advantage, strong point in technology and talent advantage in “Three New” industries, specifically, new type building material, new type housing and new energy material, continue the innovative model of poverty alleviation, cultivate the feature, create the new highlight in ecological development and make further key breakthroughs in addressing people’s livelihood issues, constructing the new countryside and smart agriculture. Also, the Group should make due contributions to the overall in-depth cooperative fields, further communication, the victory in the tough battle of eliminating poverty for Shitai and poverty elimination of people at an early date.

      Zhao Xinqun expressed the warm welcome to the visit of Song Zhiping and his colleagues on behalf of the municipal Party committee and municipal government of Chizhou and expressed gratitude to CNBM for the full play of the responsibilities and demonstration and leading role of a central enterprise, for the various measures in the implementation of precision poverty alleviation through the full play of the role of poverty alleviation policies and funds and for the help with the poverty alleviation in Shitai County. He hoped that Shitai County can seize the opportunity, enhance the cooperation of both sides, enhance the self-construction of the government, work hard to improve the service quality and level, create a good investment environment and atmosphere for assisting enterprises, take the initiative, exert the utmost effort, foster the industries and enhance its own development capacity of poverty alleviation to ensure the victory in this tough battle of poverty elimination as scheduled. 


   During the research work, Song Zhiping and his colleagues attended the on-the-spot meeting of the closeout of the “CNBM Science & Technology Bridge” project aided in construction to Xiaohe Town, Shitai County by CNBM and the CNBM’s project symposium of assisting Shitai County. At the meeting, they listened to the main leaders of Shitai County made an introduction to the development work of poverty alleviation, inspected the construction of numerous roads and bridges projects aided in construction to Shitai County by CNBM and the ITO project of CNBM Huayi Conducive Film and communicated in the development work concept and measures of poverty alleviation in the next stage. Triumph Science & Technology and CNBM Import & Export have signed the framework cooperative agreements of “Green Little Town” project, “Smart Agriculture” and “Agricultural Special E-Business project with Shitai county government. In the next stage, by relying on the rich natural resources and the environment of selenium-rich soil in Shitai County, CNBM will continue to provide strong support for the further development of the ecological tourism, agricultural sightseeing and the industry of selenium-rich agricultural products in Shitai County. Also, Song Zhiping took the group to make a field research of the development of poverty elimination in Zitong Village, Dingxiang Town, Shitai County and expressed sympathy and solicitude for the low income families.


      Peng Shou, vice president of CNBM and general manager of Triumph Science & Technology, Xiao Jiaxiang, vice president of CNBM and president of South Cement, Chen Yongxin, general manager of CNBM Import & Export, Zhou Yunfeng, dean of Hefei Institute, Ma Ke, secretary of the Party committee, Li Zhiming, deputy secretary of the Party committee in Bengbu Institute, Wang Congxiao, vice president of CNBM Engineering and other relevant heads of the enterprises attended the research symposiums.

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